Where to look for remote work


The decision consolidates resources that accentuation through and through on telecommuting or give adequate thought to it to interest telecommuters.
Remote work resources for a variety of specialists
These regions are not limited to any one master field and arrangement occupations in a combination of fields – from copywriting to programming.

Work environments
Headhunter is one of the greatest work resources on earth. As demonstrated by HeadHunter itself, the month to month traffic of the stage shows up at 18 million customers.
SuperJob is one more gigantic Russian quest for work entrance. At the hour of forming, it offers more than 15 thousand opening for remote workers. is a less outstanding, yet not unimportant resource. Its informational index contains more than 4,000 potential open doors for remote work with a typical pay of 47,845 rubles.
“” is an immense file with 250,000 positions and more than 16 million resumes.
“Work City” is an aggregator that assembles amazing open doors from numerous other mission for new business regions. The resource has an informational index of more than 1.5 million positions.
“Yandex.Rabota” – work aggregator from Yandex. At the hour of forming, it shows 140 thousand opening for distant laborers across Russia.
“Distancia” is an errand inventory made expressly for telecommuters.
Work at home – a tantamount endeavor focused in on finding remote work
Remote JOB – another resource focused in on finding remote work The data base has more than 6,000 positions.
Message Channels with Jobs
“ remote positions – occupations” (@theyseeku) – 285,000 endorsers.
“One line occupations” (@rabotaforyou) – 11 thousand endorsers.
“On Remote Jobs 2.0” (@naudalenkebro) – 105 thousand endorsers.
“Remote workers” (@zapwork) – 141 thousand allies.
Distantsiya (@distantsiya) – 25 thousand allies.
“Autonomous Tavern” (@freelancetaverna) – 40 thousand allies.
“Changes and Comments: re-appropriating and remote work” (@pravkiforyou) – 24 thousand allies.
“Remowork – remote work” (@remowork_ru) – 47,000 allies.
xCareers: Digital Jobs (@xCareers) – 51 thousand allies.
“Remote Jobs – Jobs” (@onlinevakansii) – 30 thousand allies.
“Expert: remote positions” (@workfreelancer) – 26 thousand endorsers.
“Remote Work University” (@sekiroru) – 8 thousand allies.
Facebook social class with occupations
Work at home – 41 thousand endorsers.
“Na_dalenke” – 30 thousand endorsers.
“Remote work: occupations and rethinking” – 26 thousand endorsers.
“Tracked down another Line of work – Need a Job” – 243 thousand endorsers.
“Occupations and Resume” – 112 thousand endorsers.
Lively New Job! – 11 thousand endorsers.
“Headhunters” – 16 thousand endorsers.
“Your Job and Our Care” – 16 thousand endorsers.
Veritable JOB – 11 thousand endorsers.
VKontakte Communities with Jobs
“Specialists Club” – 110 thousand endorsers.
“Free” – 61 thousand endorsers.
“Distance” – 236 thousand endorsers.
“Free” – 25 thousand endorsers.
“On Order. Free, remote work, low support work” – 35 thousand endorsers.
Resources with remote situations for experts and originators
Work focal points for anyone working with plans and development.

Wire channels with occupations
CG Freelance (@cgfreelance) – 9,000 allies.
“Jobpower – innovative positions and specialists” (@jobpower) – 8 thousand allies.
Plan Hunters (@designhunters) – 16,000 allies.
“Workmanship occupations” (@workinart) – 13,000 allies.
“Looking for_designer” (@designer_ru) – 20,000 allies.
Development fashioner tracker (@motionhunter) – 4,000 endorsers.
Facebook social class with work postings
“Workmanship occupations” – 40,000 endorsers.
“Signs and Logos” – 12,000 fans.
“Looking_designer” – 46 thousand allies.
Networks “VKontakte” with opening
“Demand for plan” – 29 thousand allies.
“Occupations for fashioners” – 38 thousand endorsers.
Resources with remote situations for designers
Wellsprings of chances for any specialists fit for forming and deciphering down code: from frontend creators to system engineers.

Message Channels with Jobs
“Typical Programmer (@tproger_official) – 65,000 endorsers.
JavaScript Jobs (@javascript_jobs) – 12,000 endorsers.
pro.JVM Jobs (@jvmjobs) – 4 thousand endorsers.
Far off IT (Inflow) (@remoteit) – 19,000 endorsers.
Web Freelance (@webfrl) – 11,000 endorsers.
“Habr Careers (@moikrug) – 4,000 endorsers.
“Far off IT.” (@flfeedit) – 4,000 endorsers.
Facebook social class with occupations
“Programmers” – 9 thousand endorsers.
IT Recruitment – 10,000 endorsers.
“IT Jobs” – 13 thousand endorsers.
IT Jobs (RU, UA, BY, KZ and various countries) – 5 thousand endorsers.
Vkontakte social class with open doors
“All around common Programmer” – 500 thousand endorsers.
“ITc social class of computer programmers” – 375 thousand endorsers.
“Agreeable Programmer Community” – 107 thousand endorsers.
“Web Programmer – PHP, JS, Python, Java, HTML 5” – 121 thousand endorsers.
“I’m a Web Programmer (php, js, yii)” – 12 thousand endorsers.
“Site design Typical Verstavers” – 15 thousand endorsers.
“Verstavers, site coding, frontend” – 6 thousand endorsers.
Resources with remote work for media prepared experts
Areas where writers, sponsors, PR trained professionals, editors and other particular specialists look for occupations.

Work environments
Mediajobs – the designers call this endeavor the greatest Russian positions site for media.
Cossa is a section with potential open doors on the site of a notable dispersion for cutting edge specialists.
“Occupations for Good People is a quest for business site that grew out of a couple of social occasions in casual associations. Most of the positions are related to displaying, publicizing, plan and PR.
Message channels with business open doors
“We’ll hit you up” (@perezvonyu) – 23,000 endorsers.
“Norm Work” (@normrabota) – 36,000 endorsers.
“Occupations for extraordinary people” (@vdhl_good) – 19,000 endorsers.
“Media occupations.” (@dddwork) – 18,000 allies.
Mediajobs (@mediajobs_en) – 12,000 allies.
Exhibiting occupations (@marketing_jobs) – 20 thousand allies.
Remote and Freelance (@digitalbroccoli) – 23 thousand allies.
“Website improvement HR, modernized occupations, office and remote positions” (@seohr) – 10 thousand endorsers.
Facebook social class with open doors
“Occupations in SMM – occupations and mission for new work for SMM well-informed authority and boss” – 34,000 allies.
“Amazing open doors from DigitalHR” – 19 thousand allies.
“PR and exhibiting occupations” – 38 thousand allies.
“Looking for a laborer for recruit or staff for SEO, Contextual Advertising, SMM” – 27 thousand allies.
VKontakte social class with occupations
“Occupations for incredible people” – 301 thousand endorsers.
SMM Afisha – 6 thousand endorsers.
“SMM-man” – 231 thousand endorsers.

“Non-weekend days SMM-worker” – 67 thousand allies.
“SMM Marketing” – 32 thousand endorsers.
Resources for editors and writers.
Another summary for media workers. Nevertheless, rather than the past areas, these work in places related to message based substance. Regardless editors and creators, mediators, researchers and editors can moreover get positions here.

Message work posting channels
Work for writers (@Work4writers) – 9,000 allies.
“It’s an errand for an editor” (@glvrd_job) – 2,000 allies.
“Library of occupations for editors” (@work_editor) – 4,000 endorsers.
VKontakte social class with occupations
“Found Copywriting” – 19 thousand endorsers.
“Showcasing expert Wanted. Work” – 6 thousand endorsers.
“Showcasing expert Wanted” – 22 thousand allies.
“Occupations for translators. Wakwak!” – 43 thousand allies.
“I’m a translator” – 65 thousand allies.
“Translators” – 14 thousand allies.
Autonomous Exchanges
Another sort of site to search for remote work – free exchanges. Here up-and-comers are offered commonly one-time endeavors – projects. Regardless, supervisors every now and again use these exchanges to post open doors, surmising long stretch far off cooperation.
Abroad resources with remote work if you have a good request of English, you can moreover have a go on new work environments. The pay here is by and large higher. But you should equal specialists from wherever the world

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